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Geelong Hospital, Vic

Geelong Hospital provides a full range of health services from emergency, acute care, primary care and aged care to rehabilitation, mental health and community services. The hospital also provides specialty services for cancer, heart and lungs. The hospital recently underwent a $26M expansion, which included three new wards with 80 beds requiring separate ensuites.

Project Design Brief

ACO’s design brief was to ensure that each new ensuite had efficient shower drainage to prevent flooding with the possible build-up of hair and soap scum in the drains. The drainage needed to facilitate easy and efficient cleaning by hospital staff and be securely installed into vinyl flooring.

ACO's Solution

  • QuARTz by ACO, ShowerChannel and Flag grate with an integral custom-made vinyl clamp system


  • The Flag grate consists of large openings for the shower water to pass through
  • ACO custom engineered a vinyl clamp system to provide a secure joint between the vinyl floor and the stainless steel channel, approved by designer and client
  • The ‘V’ profile of the ShowerChannel ensures that no idle liquid sits in the bottom of the channel, preventing stagnant water and odours and also enables easy cleaning
Geelong Hospital, Vic
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