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Bathroom drainage solutions

QuARTz by ACO provides a visually compatible range of bathroom drainage products, creating a completely coordinated design.

A choice of floor wastes are available for use in the shower area (ShowerPoint), or bathroom floor (CentrePoint). These can be used alongside a ShowerChannel to complete a three-fold integrated design scheme.


ACO’s ShowerChannel linear drainage removes compromise; allowing the drain to be positioned not only centrally, but against the wall or as a threshold. The elimination of complex floor grades ensures improved drainage and faster installation by simplifying tiling and eliminating complicated angle cuts.

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A 50mm diameter outlet floor waste, designed for use within the shower area.

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CentrePoint Floor Waste

A 100mm diameter outlet floor waste, designed for use within the central bathroom floor.

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Features And Benefits
1ABS body with integral outlet for DN100 pipe connection7Shower drains available in a variety of standard lengths from 700mm to 1400mm, in a width of 84mm
2CentrePoint (for use in out bathroom floor)8Linéaire grate Wheelchair compliant to AS 1428.1
3Boltless locking mechanism9All channel bodies and grates are manufactured from grade 304 stainless steel
4ShowerPoint (for use in shower area)10Variety of designer grate styles in all lengths including the non-slip Linéaire grate (meets Class B, AS/NZS4586 - Slip Resistance Classification of New Pedestrian Surface Materials)
5ABS body with integral outlet for DN50 pipe connection11Plastic, easy-to-cut adjustable feet to support the channel body during installation
6Shallow 'V' channel profile to aid flow of water to outlet12Option of end or centrally located 50mm stainless steel outlet with optional debris strainer

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