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ShowerPoint is designed for the shower area, with a 50mm outlet. Range of coordinating grates available in a wide selection to suit personal preferences.

ShowerPoint - features

ShowerPoint 50mm diameter vertical outlet
Range of grade 304 stainless steel electropolished designer grates available
Optional accessories include water activated LED lights and debris strainer (see Accessories)
Lockable grates with boltless mechanisms
Chromed ABS body
Parts list

ShowerPoint - product details

Please note there is limited stock of standard QuARTz by ACO products – please check availability with ACO.

Product data table
Product Data Table Part No (50mm∅) Spec Info
142552 pdf dwg


A number of items are available to enhance the aesthetics and performance of QuARTz by ACO products.

Debris Strainer & Grate Lifter

accessories-showerpointDebris strainer

A stainless steel strainer is available to fit inside a ShowerChannel to collect hair and other debris.
(Note that strainers will reduce the flow performance of the channels, particularly if not regularly cleaned.)

Grate lifter
Grate lifters are standard with each system and assist with grate removal during maintenance.

Description Part No. Weight (kg)
Debris strainer - electropolished 4030050 0.2
Additional grate lifter 0150.27.83 0.1

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