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Brighton Private Residence, Melbourne, VIC

Brighton, an affluent Melbourne suburb 11km south-east of the CBD, belongs to the City of Bayside. There have been many notable residents, past and present, including cricketer, Shane Warne; actor, Eric Bana; and Olympian, Cathy Feeman.

Project Design Brief

For the shower floors in a private residence, a simple fall design was used to incorporate large floor tiles. Whilst a different tile colour was selected for each bathroom throughout the house, the same type of visually discreet strip drain was desired for continuity. The drains’ length needed to be sized according to the dimensions of each shower.

ACO's Solution

  • ShowerChannel with Tile grate
  • ACO custom manufactured the channel to the exact required length, to suit the specific shower dimension


  • ShowerChannel with Tile grate is visually discreet and preserves the visual continuity of the shower floor.
  • Shallow V channel profile aids water flow to the outlet connection.
  • Customisable to suit shower floor dimensions.
Brighton Private Residence
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