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Dreaming of Designer Drains

Inspire your inner creative designer with QuARTz by ACO’s stylish bathroom drainage solutions.

Our visually compatible range of bathroom drainage products can be arranged in harmonised schemes from our eight grate designs to create a balanced and seamlessly stylish look. The selection of channels and floor wastes allow for the use or elimination of potentially hazardous physical barriers within the bathroom floor, keeping the bathroom safe for all users. The flexibility of the QuARTz by ACO range turns everyone into a designer, and means that you can craft an individual desired look to fit any bathroom. The range is great for use by owner builders, architects, interior designers and residential builders.

The range consists of linear drains and floor wastes in the shower area and on the bathroom floor. ShowerChannel is a linear drain located along the edge or through centre of shower, ShowerPoint is a floor waste placed in the centre of the shower and CentrePoint3 is a floor waste that can be placed anywhere in the bathroom for drainage of excess water.

Defect-free, shiny surfaces are achieved by electropolishing when the drains are manufactured. This process also gives the drain grates a textured finish, reducing the appearance of fingerprints and soap residue so you spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying the high class finish in your designer bathroom.

The ShowerChannel can be located anywhere within the shower and only requires a slight grading of the shower floor towards the channel. This subtle grade enhances the shower design and makes showering safe for all users, providing an uninterrupted platform for showering aids, wheelchairs and baby baths. ShowerChannel is available in several sizes to suit your individual design preferences and space requirements.

The ShowerPoint is a floor waste available in several sizes to suit your individual design preferences and space requirements. The stylish designs of ShowerPoint grates can be matched to other drain grates in the bathroom or offset with a complementary design from our stylish range.

CentrePoint is specifically designed for the Australian market to fulfil the central bathroom floor waste requirement, and also provides matching grate designs throughout the bathroom.

Optional accessories for the QuARTz by ACO range include water activated LED lights for a unique and modern bathroom experience, a debris strainer to avoid blockage, and lockable grates to keep the whole family safe.

Luxurious, stylish bathrooms are the consequence of integrated design. To create a luxurious look with a high class finish in your bathroom, get in touch with an ACO sales representative today. For information about installation, planning and specs on the QuARTZ by ACO range, visit the website at

Designer Drainage
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